Friday, January 14, 2011


welcome home,
dis my toliet. tu living room, tu pulak dapur.
.hah yg tu pc aq pandai pandailah ,bla bla bla *introduce rumah
GT Avalanche 3.0 to my house.
my buddies you have a new family member now.
white in colour. nice to see and hold even ride it.
from now on, there are 3 bike.

*gambar dalam frame

  • masabeli : kejap tadi after solat jumaat
  • sebabbeli : bole offroad
  • transport : cash and ride to home
  • harga : seribusetengah after discount gitu. original duasumthin
  • specs : saiz s
  • offroad bike
  • warnawarni : putihitam


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