Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Happy Birthday to me :D 

Last day celebrate my birthday time study , my first one kat Politeknik got cake and all. Suprise you know. Terharu keluar la jugak air mata jantan sbb ada orang ingat kat kita kan :D 

Lawa bekas ni comel and sayang jeee . nak buat tabung lah :D 

See ada emu pulak eh ke ostrish . 

This one sape tak tahu , dia lopek . Sure lah Kangaroo. hahaha 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Restoran Malindo

Restoran Malindo
Here for Iftar during Ramadhon . High school friends over here , Johan, Amirul, Aswad and meeee the petite one in the middle.  

Basicly this restaurant menu based on Java dishes, so we have ayam penyet and all the meal from Java. 
So, I do ordered Nasi Ambeng . So the taste quite good but the downside is the portion on each side/ main dishes over there . You know lah student kan :D 

Aswad Aus Amirul Johan

Congratulations to all of you, some of them already works and some of it still be a student. All the best on your world .


Raket baru . Hobi Baru . 
Got sale for this Yonex Voltric for RM209 Made in Japan . 
Include string RM249 with grip towel as free gift .

Recommended place to buy your badminton racquet online . So fast in delivery with freegift and got strung too . The best thing is the delivery packaging so nice and great to look at. 

They use GDEX as their logistics partner , i do order this racquet in midnight of sunday . The invoice take my order on monday and received to my hand on wednesday. So happy received this well boxxes packaging . 

Badminton so far will cost you around RM10 each play with the shuttle . The thing different here , you need to pay for the shuttle too. Not like futsal you only pay per person haha . 
You know what i mean . 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Comfort Zone

Comfort zones makes you go nowhere except just stay there wherever you are . 
It makes no movement either to the front or to do back. 
Plan something and make a move . 
Go out and change the world of you . 
You drive on your own world .

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Restoran Murni - One of the famous restaurant among student i think . 

Famous coz of its large portion that comes with affordable price . If you are such a monster in eating you all can go for this resaturant . They have a lot of branches , one in Bukit Jalil , Shah Alam and another one in Subang Jaya . Im not sure , if its true . Thats all i know so far :D I do visited shah alam and Bukit Jalil branch . 

Menu - Basicly all of the menu stated there quite delicious with huge portion. IF you guys super lapar , You can try Mee Raja with add ons. yeah im bet u cant finished it alone haha . I also do love their western food like pasta , carbonara yeahh creamy yet with huge portion for sure . Nasi Lemak ayam pandan , Tomyam, baby dragon, and great with the dessert too . I forgot what is the name . it feels like crepe or roti with icecream and banana . 

With le boys . Ex A6 :D

Drinks - They serve variety of beverages and soft drinks . You can always try out their i miss you i love you type of juices haha . yeah it nicetho . Have fun :D 

Friday, July 7, 2017


Wehuuuu ! I got this DM3 ticket for freee. Unfortunately it was only for one person . I wish to have two at least so i can make a date or else find a partner to join with . Thanks to Colgate for sponsoring me :D hehe 

Overall the DM3 was quite funny tho . Laughing all the way through the movie . Sweetest moment ever has must be when Gru meet up with Dru . They dont even know they have brothers until ... HAHA . Not gonna be your spoiler . 

Chuck Taylor !

It feels like Left 4 Dead mannnn ! Like seriously . No ones there when you came across past 12 at this ioi city mall . HAHA .So becarefull , energetic zombie might chase you . 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wonder Woman

It is from DC yeah DC Comics ! What i can tell you here some of review of this film . For me it was a great movie full with action . Congratz Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman . Great actress tho . Btw it is not just like others DC comics movie which is so slow in story line and sometime makes you sleepy . 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Epson L360

Hello there . I just bought a brand new printer for my final year . It cost me around 450 MYR . It is efficient ink cost . Total can print out up to 4000 for black and white meanshile 7500 for coloured . 

With built in ink system , no longer need to worried of stuck ink inside the tube and so on just linke modified one . The quality also not so that bad . For student like it was just near to perfect since it is cheap on ink . I used to buy this printer for printing buisness i think . So who ever wanna print assignment can just email me and pick it up later on . Or else ill submit the assignment for you with extra cost for sure . 

In the box original ink also included . Becarefull when buying this item online. Sometimes they replace with OEM or other ink for you so you wont receive these original ink . 

Last but not least, do pray of my small printing business . Thanks :D 

Epson L360 . All in one printer  :D 

Sunday, April 16, 2017


Pronouns as kadang not kandang . As you can read over there . 
Kadang sedih bila kita tidak dapat apa yang kita usahakan . Sehabis baik . 
Tiada hasil malah diherdik lagi . Mungkin ada tapi di bahagian lain . 
Bukan sekarang mungkin nanti . Bukan nanti tapi tak sampai lagi . 

Betul orang kata , usaha siapa yang tahu . 
Hasil ? Belum sempat cakap semua dah tahu . 

Monday, March 27, 2017


Hai . Harini aus repair for may own iphone 5 screen :D Thanks Lazada for this cheap iphone 5 screen and LCD . 

Great packaging from this shop ! Recommended .

Seee with all those polystyrene box 

After all , with bubble wrap . 

And yeah ma new screen :D 

Remove some parts from old screen to new one

Screw it back . Make sure youre not screwed ! 

Done :D 

There you goooo ! 

Last but not least , its all cheap in price if you dare to try buy your own . Not even reach 100 MYR . 

See ya :D 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Trapped Inside


Monday, February 6, 2017

Third Year

Tahun ketiga di Uniten :D

Masih tenang dengan workload yang power and all the pressure .
Seperkara groupwork memang aku sorang je yang function . Mencabar .

Stayed up alone all night , it wouldnt an easy works to handle with . Burning midnight oil . Phiew .
More challenges and obstacles coming through . Hope for the excellent result for this semester .

But yeah its okay . Past is past . No matter what in future , you will never find groupmates like me anymore . So chill up and get your role in group ladssss . Dont be like Tom Sawyer .

Chill out .

Fantastic Beast

Just manage to finish this movie after several attempt and interrupt in the middle of it due to slow connection . 

For Harry Potter wizard world lover you should watch this movie . Related to ? Yeah , its related u can see the character in the movie they used in FB and HP . Villain in Fb is Grienderwald , which Dumbledore foe i think.  

Whoever JK. Rowling fans should watch this movie . 
Have Fun :D 

Happy holiday tho . yuhuuu ! 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Heat Transfer

yakin sulam cemas
timbul tapi lemas 
masa gerak pantas
lepas kasi lepas 

DIY Kancil door handle

Post kali ni nak cerita pasal kancil door handle ni . Kita kasi DIY satu kali okay :D 
Benda alah ni memang selalu patah , orang tua tua kata telan dek zaman . Sonang cite memang udah masa nak patah dia patah . Nanti saya cerita tompek patah dio kek mano okies. 

Memang nak kasi gambar je . Tahu lah korang malas baca .

Total kerugian sedikit masa dan RM8 untuk door handle yang baru . Beli kat kedai sparepart apek apek tu . 

Haaa ni dia yang baru 

Hat ni yang lama .

Kot la hangpa nak lawa macam yang lama , means colour tally ngan warna kereta boleh je nak cat . Since kereta pun warna metallic , alahai nanti lah cat body terus . 

Part yang Patah . 

Handle baru belum patah . 

Okay bukak yang ni dulu then tanggal skru dia

Next yang ni ada satu skru lagi . So total ada 3 skru ye adik adik 

Pastu sengetkan dia jadi ceni . Tombol tingkap tu takyah tanggal lah senang sikit keje .

Okay ini skru yang kena tanggalkan . Pakai Spanar 10mm

Dah lobosss ! pegi amek yang baru masukkan 

Time install make sure dia masuk macam ni . Tangkal tu kena kat besi tu 

Ikat lah balik takkan tak reti haha . 

Tadaaa ! 

Siapp ! 

Bukan apa kalau boleh buat sendiri , buat apa nak hantar kedai bayar labour cost bagai . Better isi perut je duit tu hehe :D Kalau korang punya kereta warna sama ngan door handle tu kira ngam dah takyah cat okies . Now dah boleh function dah pintu ni yuhuuuuu! Selamat mencuba :D

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sporting Lisbon Uniten

Thanks for this opportunity to play with Uniten Sporting Lisbon for Unitencup 2016 . 
With all the 5 years bonding among of you all , Since foundation years this club dah ada . phiew phiew . 

Warm up session on our first match 

Kecik je budak sporting haha . 

Salam maaf ya 

Silak cekak Aus

Against Porto FC for group stage . This time epic sikit . Leads the game and somehow we lose with penalty being given at very last minute . No luck ! But yeah , i do half volley in the match . How can LB position can go so high ? Oh yeah rebound from the corner itself . But the balls just go slightly left corner post . Aiyak . 

Happy always !

Cool chill out session minum luuu .  

Hiearghhh amek ni . kahkahkah !

Miss that hair tho 

Okay this time with yellow shirt ni against Joenbuk FC dalam group stage . Baju kuning freesize , kenangan mcam kan sekolah dulu . HAHA . Memang labuh kemain and macam pakai jubah pun ado tetambah komeng and bong sies mcm orang lama . 

With our former player . Syameel aka manager this season . 
Cant play due to injury at very last minute . 

Our CB got injured and rest the whole journey after that . 

JOhan lari entahle hah

Hat ni gambar nampak hepi semua kan ? Ni 3rd and 4th placing . So we go for Bronze ! All perform after a weak start at the beginning .

Yeah the last picture , i got my 3rd medal through out this sememster . What an experience huh 

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