Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TM Fanran 2016

To support all the malaysian athlete for coming Rio Olmypic 2017 . For the first time , Tm Fanran got this 21km catogeries .

Congrats tu mirul for completing his 1st half

This was my first official half marathon . I do finish it strong . On behalf tight schedule  before after event with not enough rest but never on food . Always fill my tummy . HAHA . I think big part of energy comes from the meal i ate and sure mental game on .

I called this event was crazy because i do make it with back to back event . On 16 July , i do play floorball for Uniten Storms . The tournament luck not in our side . We just managed to complete it at 8th placing . All the teammates was vary sad with the performance and luck itself . The Klang Valley Cup happen through out the weekend which is 16 and 17  really tiring .

After the First day of tournament . We go for Alen open house . tung tang tung tang . 12 am i arrived at my room and go for hygiene strive for dreamland ASAP . With that i managed to sleep bout 3 hours and a half only then wake up prepared for the Half marathon .

Tengok apa tuuuu 

Well said , it was crazy right ? Then after the , run itself i ran back to UM for another two matches remaining . AHHAHAHA .

Back to the running topic , Yeah totally insane ! Before raya was my last training for event . I think this what we called berkat lemang rendang ! With all the carbo fat loading during raya , all these stuff make it so bad to start run back . What a finished !

Mental game was strong enough ! the feel of want to pee . i peed at 10km which i already hold it bout one and half hour . The only proper place that i found during run . surau thanks surau . The water station and all was so good .

I just can say that , what a finished !

Group photos ! 

lets eat ! 

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