Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Those are candies for my car. Light bulb need to change and dashboard pin. All of these cost me RM8. Cheaper than u can get any other accesories. I do DIY stuff wherever i want seems it cost me really cheap tho, rather than just go any acc shop and ask them to do it for me. Thanks to myself and mr. google all the guidance. Use your logic thinking and surely u manage to do whatever you want :D


Wish of having my own mirrorless camera. So i can point and shoot whatever i want. For a starter i do wish of Sony a6000 is enough. Add on with lens should be more than enough for now. Slowly ipgrade to fujifilm. Where money comes by? Go and work for it! They will never search for you. Most of your piggy bank money have been robbbb. Go find a better way and get to start a new ones :D

Location: Dcentrum. SOHO infront of IUKL.
Time : Maghrib 
Occasion: Lepak rumah Ajim.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

tali jam

My recreational watch ! Mine after my previous red rescue mudman gshock watch going crazy might comes from the manufactures defect or issues. 

Bought this watch on my first degree bout 4 years ago. Been using for any recreational stuff since i doesnt got sponsor to have a smart watch or sport watch with all those heartbeat features. Nevermind, we will go for classic ones why not. Just works within budget please, be grateful :D

I do buy this watch for RM60. Cheapest in town, by the time you go any watch shop now i gues the price should be somewhere 80 Ringgit. Do some survey before you buy anything okay ? it will benefit you somehow.

Oh yeah the strap cost me RM20. The quality just yeah see the price lah kan , i would rather love the original strap one. Idk why the strap will cost me around 50 Ringgit if you want to but the original strap. So whoever with kind hearted and willing to buy me a new one come step forward. HAHA

I do try fixed the strap first before change the strap with those amoi. As u can see there some cracking over. The crack part, i fixed with 3 seconds glue. Yeah it works for almost 2 weeks maybe. At least ? i do make some effort to remain the original strap. 

After all, i ask for the original strap and bring it home. As a souveniers, btw im thinking on how can i repair. Is it still repairable ? or just make a move and move on please. Still saving for a new watch, might be sports watch like garmin or suunto. Either one, easier to track my outdoor progress. I love this casio watch btw its durable and rarely trouble me. Except this one. Maybe masa dah time :D

Monday, January 15, 2018

Postcard Myanmar

Just won a little postcard all over from Myanmar ! 
Thanks Abe Shuq. 

The contest is in telegram, one of the travel channel. Travelog Channel :D 
As Abe shuq one of the admin, so he made  one contest and the prize are postcard that post all around from Myanmar. 

Jauh datang wehhh, mana lah tahu boleh menang pulak. Jawab soalan simple je :D 

His a writer too :D 

Potluck Ana

Congratulations to Farhana as she will continue her studies in Master :D 

*menarik bukan ?

Thanks to her also for inviting me to this potluck session :D 
Siap dengan little poster and yeah this is one of her wishlist to conduct a potluck eating partayehhhhh. 

Nami, Aus, Farhana, Kawan Farhana * tak ingat nama, wani dan juga hannah .

TerimaKasih kepada semua, Aus taktahu nak bawak apa actually that day. Semua dah ada, Ana sponsor Pizza, Hannah sicomel dengan pavlova ke apa entah kuih homemade dia notbad sedap ! Kawan fana bawak speghetti . Hannah siap runner dari pjaya kot. 

Kami yang laki laki , bawak air kononnya dan hiburan acewah. Dalam ni aku sorang je yg tak berapa kenal each other lah esp the girls. Aus kan biasa lahhh haha , acah make a new circle . Again !
Big thanks to ana for inviting me :D 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Happy Birthday to me :D 

Last day celebrate my birthday time study , my first one kat Politeknik got cake and all. Suprise you know. Terharu keluar la jugak air mata jantan sbb ada orang ingat kat kita kan :D 

Lawa bekas ni comel and sayang jeee . nak buat tabung lah :D 

See ada emu pulak eh ke ostrish . 

This one sape tak tahu , dia lopek . Sure lah Kangaroo. hahaha 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Restoran Malindo

Restoran Malindo
Here for Iftar during Ramadhon . High school friends over here , Johan, Amirul, Aswad and meeee the petite one in the middle.  

Basicly this restaurant menu based on Java dishes, so we have ayam penyet and all the meal from Java. 
So, I do ordered Nasi Ambeng . So the taste quite good but the downside is the portion on each side/ main dishes over there . You know lah student kan :D 

Aswad Aus Amirul Johan

Congratulations to all of you, some of them already works and some of it still be a student. All the best on your world .

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