Wednesday, September 6, 2017


Happy Birthday to me :D 

Last day celebrate my birthday time study , my first one kat Politeknik got cake and all. Suprise you know. Terharu keluar la jugak air mata jantan sbb ada orang ingat kat kita kan :D 

Lawa bekas ni comel and sayang jeee . nak buat tabung lah :D 

See ada emu pulak eh ke ostrish . 

This one sape tak tahu , dia lopek . Sure lah Kangaroo. hahaha 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Restoran Malindo

Restoran Malindo
Here for Iftar during Ramadhon . High school friends over here , Johan, Amirul, Aswad and meeee the petite one in the middle.  

Basicly this restaurant menu based on Java dishes, so we have ayam penyet and all the meal from Java. 
So, I do ordered Nasi Ambeng . So the taste quite good but the downside is the portion on each side/ main dishes over there . You know lah student kan :D 

Aswad Aus Amirul Johan

Congratulations to all of you, some of them already works and some of it still be a student. All the best on your world .


Raket baru . Hobi Baru . 
Got sale for this Yonex Voltric for RM209 Made in Japan . 
Include string RM249 with grip towel as free gift .

Recommended place to buy your badminton racquet online . So fast in delivery with freegift and got strung too . The best thing is the delivery packaging so nice and great to look at. 

They use GDEX as their logistics partner , i do order this racquet in midnight of sunday . The invoice take my order on monday and received to my hand on wednesday. So happy received this well boxxes packaging . 

Badminton so far will cost you around RM10 each play with the shuttle . The thing different here , you need to pay for the shuttle too. Not like futsal you only pay per person haha . 
You know what i mean . 

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Comfort Zone

Comfort zones makes you go nowhere except just stay there wherever you are . 
It makes no movement either to the front or to do back. 
Plan something and make a move . 
Go out and change the world of you . 
You drive on your own world .

Sunday, July 16, 2017


Restoran Murni - One of the famous restaurant among student i think . 

Famous coz of its large portion that comes with affordable price . If you are such a monster in eating you all can go for this resaturant . They have a lot of branches , one in Bukit Jalil , Shah Alam and another one in Subang Jaya . Im not sure , if its true . Thats all i know so far :D I do visited shah alam and Bukit Jalil branch . 

Menu - Basicly all of the menu stated there quite delicious with huge portion. IF you guys super lapar , You can try Mee Raja with add ons. yeah im bet u cant finished it alone haha . I also do love their western food like pasta , carbonara yeahh creamy yet with huge portion for sure . Nasi Lemak ayam pandan , Tomyam, baby dragon, and great with the dessert too . I forgot what is the name . it feels like crepe or roti with icecream and banana . 

With le boys . Ex A6 :D

Drinks - They serve variety of beverages and soft drinks . You can always try out their i miss you i love you type of juices haha . yeah it nicetho . Have fun :D 

Friday, July 7, 2017


Wehuuuu ! I got this DM3 ticket for freee. Unfortunately it was only for one person . I wish to have two at least so i can make a date or else find a partner to join with . Thanks to Colgate for sponsoring me :D hehe 

Overall the DM3 was quite funny tho . Laughing all the way through the movie . Sweetest moment ever has must be when Gru meet up with Dru . They dont even know they have brothers until ... HAHA . Not gonna be your spoiler . 

Chuck Taylor !

It feels like Left 4 Dead mannnn ! Like seriously . No ones there when you came across past 12 at this ioi city mall . HAHA .So becarefull , energetic zombie might chase you . 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wonder Woman

It is from DC yeah DC Comics ! What i can tell you here some of review of this film . For me it was a great movie full with action . Congratz Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman . Great actress tho . Btw it is not just like others DC comics movie which is so slow in story line and sometime makes you sleepy . 

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