Friday, December 23, 2016

Perth Day Five

Feels hard to leave Perth , Australia . It was a great place to enjoy and stay if you seek of peace and calmness . If you ask how much do we spend for this trip , it will cost you about RM 1.5k to RM2.5k per pax and it depends on where you want to go and how budget it would be . I do recommend to find group of four and rent a car . As Malaysian , we eligible to drive at OZ .

Before went to airport :D 

There are still a lot of place we didnt cover . North perth and south  , for sure we need to drive all along hehe . There are sand dunk , rock wave i think . If you are animal lover you can goo to the South for the island, Penguin island i think and yeah there a lot of animal there  . Another uniqueness are Quokka Island or Rockness Island .

Backyard with Swimming Pool !

It was fun to go and see other culture and places for sure :D Thanks our biggest sponsor . FAM :D 

Perth Day Four

Fuhhh, after awhile there you goo for the forth day in Perth . It was a good morning to start our day here . With all the cuddling weather it feels hard to get move on from blanket i think . As our first destination was Belmont Forum , where mama wanna buy Corelle as souveniers from OZ itself hehe . The price of Corelle quite cheap than Malaysia no wonder , some of Malaysian people get along to buy a lot of it here .

What a wonderful weather through out the city via Starex 

Next stop , blue boat house in Swan River . This building is quite cute then, i thought it would be big building haha . But yeah it was sooo cute , with the charming weather we got a nice shot of it via iphone . Credit to the unpaid photographer thanks for your kindness :D 

Alongside the blue house 

Blue house detected . 

Blue house :D

There you gooo , small cute blue house . 

Last but not least , just before the sun down we managed to go beach nearby . City Beach :D Seems its very cold out there . We ddnt saw anyone lepaking or hangging around the beaches  except a small group of youngster seeking of pikachu over the sand hahaha . Kind of weido but yeah , they walking while get phone on hands and stop when the pokemon itself appeared . Gonna catch em all ! Once i comeback to Malaysia , i  do heard all abput Pokemon GO ! thats just released in Australia . What a fans offf ! Kings Park was soo crowded of them , we were told they want to be next Pokemon Leader . Sounds Ash sometimes haha :D

City Beach

Jogging someroung 

Feeling the adrenaline , rollercoaster on the go haha . 

hola cloudss 

Nice weather ! 

Peace tho 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Perth Day Three

Morning everyone , today we decide to go for Canning Vale Sunday Market which is loacated at Bannister Road . 

Here we have to pay 1 dollar pax to enter the market . Idk what it is for , but yeah just one dollar . We can get a lot of used stuff here it looks like Used item but yeah with cheap price i think . U can have various item here,  from remote , shoes and shirt even u can find oven and bicycle . Seems i do love those with cheap price especially bundle stuff when im in Malaysia . So, this is the place where i shoppp . HAHA . Guess what i get Lunarlon Pegasus 31 for only 20 dollar , Same goes to my Gel Kayano . Its about u can save bunch of dollar mannn . IF ure not my type , yeah please go other places to shop , such as Watertown and other factory outlet out there . 

Under the roof 

Used Books 

Nice weather just beside the toilet. haha 

Our next destination of the day was Fremantle Prison , We doesnt do much here even we ddnt get any paid tour on it . As i know there are several package prison tour . But the best one are the expensve one im not sure, it is day and night tour or something like . One of the old prison throughout Australia  .  

In front off the Main gate. 


After all , we go for Fremantle Market such a walking distance from the prison itself . Here we can found a lot of souvernirs . Choose and survey wisely it may be different price for same item . Make sure do have a look and survey at first or else you will lose some dollar on it . 

Old Railway . 

For our lunch we do eat at Cicirellos , you got nothing here in Fremantle unless you go for the Fish and Chip here . There are several restaurant here , but we go for Cicirellos . It is more than enough for this big platter . It consist all of the seafood i think . Scallops , fish, squid , prawn , and yeahh shell kot haha . idk . Even you go alone and wanna have a set of fish and ship . It would be big portion if u just an average when get the meal unless ur monstourous . 


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Perth Day Two

Day Two , 

We like to do some sightseeing near CBD which is means Commercial Business District . Theres a lot of places we can go here , First of all Bell Tower , you can have a look out of whole Perth city . But u must pay for it . im not sure but quite expensive to enter  . Just walking distance we just walk to the london court , Elizabeth Quay and some other buildings . Here we can do a lot of things . Not our luck its raining there so we just drive away some of the places.  

After all , rain stop and we went to Kings Park , 15 minutes from the Bell Tower . Just spent about 20 minutes there suddenly its raining so we didnt manage to take a lot picture . Here we can see the Perth city just for free seems its located at the hill . 


Somewhere near Bell Tower

In Front of Yatch Club 

Bell Tower

London Court i think

Shopping street haha 

London Court 

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Perth Day One .

Wehoooo . holiday at Perth .

With 500 MYR perday we can get this nice not so spacy house . It was very nice for us *7pax since they have kitchen and not so far from the central and market . Market that called IGA . Big supermarket i think . 5 mins driving to the IGA . Meanwhile, 20 mins driving from airport .

Our Homestay . Get it from airbnb. Nice cozy houseeee 

Park infront of house 


Inside Wombat Show

There's a lot of show here , so we chase for the show first then go for the animals that free to visit . Wombat show , Sheep shave show, Koala photo session . For the kangaroo , they provide us pallet or else their food for us to give the kangaroo . Those kangaroo are very friendly and for sure if u guys dont like ur shoes be step on their poos haha . please dont enter this site . 

Here free hopping with kangarooo


Caversham Wildlife Park 

After all the caversham wildlife park  ,we seek for perth mosque . It takes bout 45 minutes to get into the mosque . Such a nice weather on that day . Inside the mosque was great coz there are no cold wind hehe since we get going there in winter . So , the weather was soo cold bout 25 until 9 degree celcius i think . Should buy protrek lah atleast i get to know the exact temperature hehe . racuns . 

Watertown Outlet Centre . This was the place usually tourist get going crazy with the price and the item sold . Actually not so cheap , i mean not everything is cheap here. They sell off season item in discounted price for sure . But on some item they got a lot of different in terms of price . So do check fairly and carefully or else u just buy the same price with regular boutique. hehe . 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

TM Fanran 2016

To support all the malaysian athlete for coming Rio Olmypic 2017 . For the first time , Tm Fanran got this 21km catogeries .

Congrats tu mirul for completing his 1st half

This was my first official half marathon . I do finish it strong . On behalf tight schedule  before after event with not enough rest but never on food . Always fill my tummy . HAHA . I think big part of energy comes from the meal i ate and sure mental game on .

I called this event was crazy because i do make it with back to back event . On 16 July , i do play floorball for Uniten Storms . The tournament luck not in our side . We just managed to complete it at 8th placing . All the teammates was vary sad with the performance and luck itself . The Klang Valley Cup happen through out the weekend which is 16 and 17  really tiring .

After the First day of tournament . We go for Alen open house . tung tang tung tang . 12 am i arrived at my room and go for hygiene strive for dreamland ASAP . With that i managed to sleep bout 3 hours and a half only then wake up prepared for the Half marathon .

Tengok apa tuuuu 

Well said , it was crazy right ? Then after the , run itself i ran back to UM for another two matches remaining . AHHAHAHA .

Back to the running topic , Yeah totally insane ! Before raya was my last training for event . I think this what we called berkat lemang rendang ! With all the carbo fat loading during raya , all these stuff make it so bad to start run back . What a finished !

Mental game was strong enough ! the feel of want to pee . i peed at 10km which i already hold it bout one and half hour . The only proper place that i found during run . surau thanks surau . The water station and all was so good .

I just can say that , what a finished !

Group photos ! 

lets eat ! 

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


DIY bulb dan air filter .

Benda tak susah pun . Seriously easy .
Gently reminder sapa yang ada kereta tu , jenguk jenguk la ya bahagian engine bay . At least ambill tahu something, if letsay kena masuk bengkel takdela kena tipu bebulat je ngan pomen tu .

Kali ni , my baby blue sepet sebelah mata . So , aku bukak cek tengok ye bulb dia tah putus kira nya no connection , filamen la yang putus bahasa buku sikit . So aku keluarkan dari lampu kereta dan cari pengganti yang baru .

Tips DIY , macam aku . Aku selalu cabut dan baway pi kedai yang jual sparepart . So, terus tanya apek ke auntie tu , saya nak yang macam ni ada tak ? Sure ada punya :D

Yang lagi satu tu , airfilter . Lagi senang agak dah hitam kemain tu tukar jela yaa .

Total Kerugian .

8.5 MYR - air filter
12 MYR - bulb

So baru 20.5 MYR . Kalau pi kedai ? mahu 40 ringgit sekali upah kot . kalau tak standby je 50 ringgit . Kalau dia tekan harga lah kan .

Anyway kalau boleh DIY just DIY okay . Sekian :D

Monday, April 25, 2016

Skytrex Shah Alam .

Skytrex ni dalam Taman Botani tau .

SportRec Group Project .

So we have to organise one event that cover sports or recreation . So , we chose this skytrex as our project .

Such a good place to go . It will test you on height hehe, strength too  .

Nak kesini , kena melalu Taman Botani Shah Alam dan dikenakan RM3 untuk dewasa . Ada bas akan tunggu memang khas shutte untuk ke Skytrex . Kami ambil pakej yang paling mahal acah tak adventure la kalau beginner ni . It cost around 50-60 ithink tak sure . We need to rent the locker too . We put all of our stuff there , Alhamdulillah its safe than u panjat panjat then fon jatuh menyembah bumi haha .

Overall with this challenge, seronok ! For those yang ada height phobia memang akan terasa adrenaline rush dia . Anyway most recommended untuk peminat outdoor yang nak merasa on how we use those safety things harness , single cable la hape tu semua . okay :D

Not this time adui malas.
We have to buy those glove . Jaga tangan hehe 

Our crowd 

wuuuu acah fookus nahh 

seee yaaa 

lanje gambar dulu 


Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Genting Highlands Run

im not sure if these illegal . 

Subuh here . Inside view of the Mosque . Beautiful 

Mohammad Noah Foundation Mosque

On our way !

Feels like in Jeju . 

One of the attraction

Were on the Peak !

Going back to the where we park our car . Skyway

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