Thursday, August 4, 2016

Perth Day One .

Wehoooo . holiday at Perth .

With 500 MYR perday we can get this nice not so spacy house . It was very nice for us *7pax since they have kitchen and not so far from the central and market . Market that called IGA . Big supermarket i think . 5 mins driving to the IGA . Meanwhile, 20 mins driving from airport .

Our Homestay . Get it from airbnb. Nice cozy houseeee 

Park infront of house 


Inside Wombat Show

There's a lot of show here , so we chase for the show first then go for the animals that free to visit . Wombat show , Sheep shave show, Koala photo session . For the kangaroo , they provide us pallet or else their food for us to give the kangaroo . Those kangaroo are very friendly and for sure if u guys dont like ur shoes be step on their poos haha . please dont enter this site . 

Here free hopping with kangarooo


Caversham Wildlife Park 

After all the caversham wildlife park  ,we seek for perth mosque . It takes bout 45 minutes to get into the mosque . Such a nice weather on that day . Inside the mosque was great coz there are no cold wind hehe since we get going there in winter . So , the weather was soo cold bout 25 until 9 degree celcius i think . Should buy protrek lah atleast i get to know the exact temperature hehe . racuns . 

Watertown Outlet Centre . This was the place usually tourist get going crazy with the price and the item sold . Actually not so cheap , i mean not everything is cheap here. They sell off season item in discounted price for sure . But on some item they got a lot of different in terms of price . So do check fairly and carefully or else u just buy the same price with regular boutique. hehe . 

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