Friday, December 23, 2016

Perth Day Five

Feels hard to leave Perth , Australia . It was a great place to enjoy and stay if you seek of peace and calmness . If you ask how much do we spend for this trip , it will cost you about RM 1.5k to RM2.5k per pax and it depends on where you want to go and how budget it would be . I do recommend to find group of four and rent a car . As Malaysian , we eligible to drive at OZ .

Before went to airport :D 

There are still a lot of place we didnt cover . North perth and south  , for sure we need to drive all along hehe . There are sand dunk , rock wave i think . If you are animal lover you can goo to the South for the island, Penguin island i think and yeah there a lot of animal there  . Another uniqueness are Quokka Island or Rockness Island .

Backyard with Swimming Pool !

It was fun to go and see other culture and places for sure :D Thanks our biggest sponsor . FAM :D 

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