Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sporting Lisbon Uniten

Thanks for this opportunity to play with Uniten Sporting Lisbon for Unitencup 2016 . 
With all the 5 years bonding among of you all , Since foundation years this club dah ada . phiew phiew . 

Warm up session on our first match 

Kecik je budak sporting haha . 

Salam maaf ya 

Silak cekak Aus

Against Porto FC for group stage . This time epic sikit . Leads the game and somehow we lose with penalty being given at very last minute . No luck ! But yeah , i do half volley in the match . How can LB position can go so high ? Oh yeah rebound from the corner itself . But the balls just go slightly left corner post . Aiyak . 

Happy always !

Cool chill out session minum luuu .  

Hiearghhh amek ni . kahkahkah !

Miss that hair tho 

Okay this time with yellow shirt ni against Joenbuk FC dalam group stage . Baju kuning freesize , kenangan mcam kan sekolah dulu . HAHA . Memang labuh kemain and macam pakai jubah pun ado tetambah komeng and bong sies mcm orang lama . 

With our former player . Syameel aka manager this season . 
Cant play due to injury at very last minute . 

Our CB got injured and rest the whole journey after that . 

JOhan lari entahle hah

Hat ni gambar nampak hepi semua kan ? Ni 3rd and 4th placing . So we go for Bronze ! All perform after a weak start at the beginning .

Yeah the last picture , i got my 3rd medal through out this sememster . What an experience huh 

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