Sunday, June 4, 2017

Epson L360

Hello there . I just bought a brand new printer for my final year . It cost me around 450 MYR . It is efficient ink cost . Total can print out up to 4000 for black and white meanshile 7500 for coloured . 

With built in ink system , no longer need to worried of stuck ink inside the tube and so on just linke modified one . The quality also not so that bad . For student like it was just near to perfect since it is cheap on ink . I used to buy this printer for printing buisness i think . So who ever wanna print assignment can just email me and pick it up later on . Or else ill submit the assignment for you with extra cost for sure . 

In the box original ink also included . Becarefull when buying this item online. Sometimes they replace with OEM or other ink for you so you wont receive these original ink . 

Last but not least, do pray of my small printing business . Thanks :D 

Epson L360 . All in one printer  :D 

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