Monday, January 3, 2011

dear lappie

what u have done to me?
wait for a while i want ask the linkin park vocalist first
u make me really really sad ;'(
dont u knoe it
yes i knoe it sir but..
but what?
bottoms up , bottoms up , ABC cup *bottoms up song
sengal sempat lagi kau ehh.
sir forgive me sir
ops sorry im now watching the WWE Unforgiven
here you are *dush dush dush
actually im jealous with ur new desktop sir.
his cool , his have the power and his everything , one word PERFECT!
but dear my lappie without you i cant make video call to others,
this make me real sad *tear drop
wokeeh dear sir i'll call the maintainance for repairing me uke?
even i know its to late to apologize *apologize by one republic background song
i'll give you one more chance uke? grab those golden opportunity.
with this i want to show the human automotion *hee


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