Monday, May 21, 2012

Wake up

teeet teeet teeet, phone ringing
miralias calling . make it silence . so save her creds and say thankyou .
she always call me when i've already woke up .

tenettt tenettt tenett, phone ringing
Alia Shuhaimi name, on my phone
she's wake me up on the time . about 3 seconds after i woke up .
i answered, she shocked .

get towel, get off all clothes on my body, shake it shake it bebeh .
opps, its too cool. so make some push up .
yeah, fee like crazy enough. go get the shower ,
brush my teeth, lifebuoy my body and get the shower

its 0645, already finish my hygiene and im ready to start the day .
subuh prayer :) alhamdulilah ,

wake them out, they go for quick preparation and all that, around 7 okelok
sent the to thei school . meet the JAGA everyday woth selenga face.

arrived at home, read some paragrapgh in terfaktab , fall asleep .

nice ending huh ? HAHA

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