Wednesday, May 16, 2012

even can make the night soundless ?

tutt tutt tutt 
awake. search for those sound. message fullfill the inbox.
kriaok kriook. 
awake. search. yes its again text coming. after a few minutes . 
teeet teet teeettt,
awake. yess, aircon timer has comes out. and produce beep sound. 
kriokkk kriook errr , screepy one.
awake. ohhh forget to close the door, so its keep open and swing itself
nightmare sound, 
awake. nightmare dream, then go wash my foot.
baby you light up my world like nobody else 
awake. since when i open the radio ? switch it off .
while trying to sleep again , play ipod. suddenly it said GAMEOVER !
awake. yess it sucks, makes me no sleep the other night .
auuuuuuuuuu auuuuuuuu auuuuuuuu , 
awake. those fox and dog keep argue and each other, after that i join them for a while
kocikociokci , *bunyik cicak
awake. get the rubber band and keep aim to it hope for the accuracy .
awake. most of annoying sound , the mosquitoes ! shit ! 
ding dong ding dong ,
awake, alarm sound. keep it snooze, rest for a while
awake. agai yess im snooze it . 
awake and awake do subuh prayer ,
awake and my life begins,
im not a human lok like but im PANDA look like, 
im cute :D

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