Tuesday, January 27, 2015


wuhoooooooo .

exam are just around the corner . This compliment with pressure of a lot of project that need to be done , assignment and quiz. Argh .

For sure theres a lot of different when u study for diploma and degree . Yeahhhh ! So lets meet the spirit come with full of strength and effort to excel for this coming exam :D

Target for this sem . not much that i think . I think i just manage to get 3 pointer not for dean . Whateva it is ill just work for it ! to got dean and for sure at least 3 pointer .

Its hard for me to study here , idk why . Maybe the pressure from the surroundings environment .With no rest at all . Such an exhausted semester ever !

Im freshie here . Hopefully for more better plan and so on for coming semester :D

Lets move on !

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