Sunday, February 1, 2015


I got an email from admin i think all bout this Ummah Talk . My first impression was nice shot babe . . On that time i already freee from any assignment test quiz and for sure it is happen before final . After all , i decide to go for this Ummah Talk . 

Pergh semangat bai . Pi majlis ilmu good good :D 

On the day . The walking distance from my hostel to Masjid was not so far but bolela jauh lajugak act around 10 mins ? 

Coz of wrong info on the email , i reached Masjid bout 30 mins late . I tot this talk starts on 8.45 but im wrong . damn ! wrong info already . 

After all , i came to Masjid and sit , hear all the talk being given . Such a nice talk from PU Rahmat . He makes us to open our mind and realised that we are just nobody in this world. We are some between each other . The different is on how are the effort toward Allah and for sure to go to the Syurga / Paradise . Syurga Firdausi . 

PU ? PU stands for Pencetus Ummah . His one of this reality programme contestant . Im not pretty sure that his go through to the final or not . Whateva it is . the talk was so beneficially for me . A lot of input . 

Moh mencari ILMU ! 

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