Friday, January 16, 2015


again again again . 

Weight gain and make it loss. Eat a lot of stuff then weight gain again . After all i do repeat . HAHA . So what ?

Alhamdulillah, So far i really do my own diet.  IDK im using on atkins or detox diet plans.  Im simply just drink a tumbler of greentea without sugar everyday . Thats all .

For sure , do watch what you eat too . im changing to less oil , less sugar, less salt, less fat . to make it to zero its almost impossible .

With those dies and dicipline for sure. Now i lost around 10 kilos within a month . thanks ALLAH :D

Any other physical or workout ?
Im just change my bus to just walk away to class , change from using lift to stairs and thats all . The weekends ill full fill all of it to make it no hangout session that surely make me eat a lot if luxurious food .

So i made it !

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