Sunday, April 19, 2015


its time to replace the old ones .

last two weeks , aus dapat kasut bola baru . 

Nike Tiempo Legend V Black .  

Welcome home babyyyy :D 

Dapatla si aus ni kasut bola yang baru to replace the old ones . So far, such a nice boots to wear along with the oldies leather feel beb . So i can feel the ball like seriously. From now on ill practice to improve my ball controlling, dribbling and for sure shooting . All of these will make sense for me to be a great player . Acewah . 

They said this must be a blackout version but some say not . Whateva it is i just can say the classy soccerboot i ever had . This also as a self reward present for myself .

My last boot was Nike Mercurial Veloce if im not mistaken such a nice boot too . The material is not leather but lightweight ! I bought that boot while in form 4 , at Yik Foong . The shop give me 30 percent discount when he knows that im still student . So on, makes the price of the soccer boot is 230 . i've been used the boots for bout 6 years. So, its to change seems the boots got too old and already koyak rabak beberapa kali ntah hantar kedai hahaha . 

My First First grade boot . 

Nike Tiempo Legend V Black .  

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