Sunday, January 28, 2018

tali jam

My recreational watch ! Mine after my previous red rescue mudman gshock watch going crazy might comes from the manufactures defect or issues. 

Bought this watch on my first degree bout 4 years ago. Been using for any recreational stuff since i doesnt got sponsor to have a smart watch or sport watch with all those heartbeat features. Nevermind, we will go for classic ones why not. Just works within budget please, be grateful :D

I do buy this watch for RM60. Cheapest in town, by the time you go any watch shop now i gues the price should be somewhere 80 Ringgit. Do some survey before you buy anything okay ? it will benefit you somehow.

Oh yeah the strap cost me RM20. The quality just yeah see the price lah kan , i would rather love the original strap one. Idk why the strap will cost me around 50 Ringgit if you want to but the original strap. So whoever with kind hearted and willing to buy me a new one come step forward. HAHA

I do try fixed the strap first before change the strap with those amoi. As u can see there some cracking over. The crack part, i fixed with 3 seconds glue. Yeah it works for almost 2 weeks maybe. At least ? i do make some effort to remain the original strap. 

After all, i ask for the original strap and bring it home. As a souveniers, btw im thinking on how can i repair. Is it still repairable ? or just make a move and move on please. Still saving for a new watch, might be sports watch like garmin or suunto. Either one, easier to track my outdoor progress. I love this casio watch btw its durable and rarely trouble me. Except this one. Maybe masa dah time :D

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