Sunday, July 25, 2010

I . I . R

Ipoh International Run

haha this is ma fun run. siyes macam lawak gilerw tataw la nape en. nie nak post pown asyik tersengih sengih jerw. haha , taw ke knape? mesti x en! ye la ye la aq cter the whole journey of this day .
  • latar tmpat : Stadium perak
  • latar masa : 18.07.2010.
  • latar masyarakat : banyak macam semut
  • pakaian latar : baju FREE IIR with number
  • suasana : riuh rendah
  • hati berdegup : kencang vibrate vigorously
the story begin here :
before run! a little bit conversation wif sheron, nana, aus, murali, tiong, aidil
aus : apehal nie tbe je saket perot! nak ek ek.
nana : tapi slalu nyer kalau tyme cmnie bule tahan sampai abis run then baru search 4 da toilet
sheron : u can do it aus
aus : i think so.

after 15 minutes later
the siren through out the voice
so we together run actually
after a few minutes lost contact
and i continue my journey
with constant acceleration
without deceleration
(mcam physic la plak)
sekor sekor aku potong dan senyum!
then after one tyme da ta bule tahan my stomachache
so i running more faster than before
to reach the goal!
unfortunately, the door is locked
shit! @#$%^&* by me
then i go to the cashier and ask 4 da key
1st tyme buat keje gile cenggitu
sengal malu gilerw
arghh!! blurpp!! lega!! at last
when i finished through all my faeces
shocked and a littlebit funny there are a long que after me
grateful me become da first
i do i little bit warm up and continue my journey with constant velocity
penat seyh dapat certificate
and tros que at milo and 100 plus.
grab about 10 kole each *haha
after that masok dewan duduk mcam orang gile
buat keje gile
gelak gelak gelak
tuka tuka
cabut cabut
penat balEkk. makan.kenyang.tido

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