Friday, June 4, 2010

m i d t e r m r e s t

04 june 2010

yea!! midterm school holiday about 2 week.
yea!!! yea!!! yea!!!
im juz comeback from da PRISON. hee
hooray!!! yahoo!!!google???
hrmm.feel excited giler vavi@#$%^.
my school holiday not a normal school holiday.
want 2 know why ?
look down!!
those are my friends for my 2 weeks holiday!!
nak berkenalan dengan dorang?
En. Bah Mel = 8 essay.
*naseb baek number 8!!!
Puan. KIMIA = 4 consumer ape ntah!
Ustaz Ugama = handout english
*chewah ustaz speaking dowh 'handout'
miss biol aji = module berharga
*4.50 maseh dalam hutang

i hope all of this will be done b4 holiday.

my target for all those my holidayworks
done 60 percent by today.
hope so.
coz tomoroow i aready go 4 holiday.
tata all.
happy holiday!

*by me = ]

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